The GP Team Challenge is a programme of results-based business and management challenges, centered around motorsport and high performing teams.

It engages people in a dynamic development programme designed to push the boundaries of leadership, communication and performance to gain Competitive Advantage.

It is a tiered programme of business challenges focussed on achieving the competitive advantage that comes from high performing teams.

The programme has at its heart ‘Performance at the Limit – Business Lessons from Formula 1 Motor Racing’, the work of Mark Jenkins, Professor of Business Strategy at Cranfield School of Management, Ken Pasternak and Richard West.


Key Objectives

1.  Companies delivering measurably improved business results, through the increased performance of people.
2.  Business delivering against agreed ROI Criteria or Key Performance Measurements.
3.  The development of individuals as part of a team and as leaders.
4.  Sustainable learning transferred into business.
5.  Real Outcomes


GP Team challenge helped us to better understand and recognise our breaking points and to really know where our strengths were